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Therapy dogs provide an important service. They have been trained to provide affection and comfort to people in different locations. Their comforting nature makes them an integral part of boosting the spirit and morale for those who are going through therapy, treatment or recovery. They are typically used in hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and/or disaster areas. In terms of accessibility, therapy dogs do not have the same rights that service dogs have, and they are only allowed access to the facilities that use their services.

Therapy dogs usually go through several tests to ensure they are fit for the job. These tests usually include their level of comfort around a variety of people, their ability to walk through different terrains and their ability to block out distractions.

Therapy dogs are recognised but not covered by legislative bodies in Canada or the USA. Therefore, they are not granted the access rights and the privileges of service animals. Their assistance is used to improve the emotional, physical and psychological lives of those in need through positive human-animal interactions. Therapy dogs can be any size and any breed, but there is a process of testing to ensure the dog has the necessary qualities.

Your pup can become a therapy dog if it displays the following qualities:

Calm temperament: A therapy dog should have a calm personality and should not get overly excited or affectionate around people. For example, pawing, jumping and licking can have a negative effect on people in senior homes and hospitals.
Friendly around people: Not all dogs enjoy the company of unfamiliar people, but therapy dogs should have an outgoing personality and be eager to connect with different people.
Good at blocking out distractions: Since therapy dogs are used in different environments, they shouldn’t get scared or react to unknown or strange sounds, movements and other distractions.


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