Kiki – Chihuahua

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  • Reg № 3117
Issue date
November 2019

This certifies that the animal listed on this card has been registered as Service/ Support Dog. There is no legal requirement for a Service/Support dog to be trained by a professional trainer in order to have “Public access” rights.  This registration certificate serves as identification for card holder/ owner. Service animals are animals, typically dogs, trained to help people with disabilities maintain independence.  Emotional Support dogs are dogs that provide support in forms of affection and companionship for their owner. Therapy dogs are those dogs used to bring joy to their owner who is ill and in poor condition either mentally or physically. Kindly allow the dog accompanied by its owner in public/private property. They are more than just a trusted pet and play an important role in their owner’s lives. 123 Service Dogs conducts registration under honor system and is not required by law to verify any disability, conduct review of any documentation to verify any disability of the owner or confirm the truthfulness of the dog’s designation as either support, service or therapy dog.